Burness raises $30,470 to build a computer lab.

Burness 30 for 30 (2).png

Burness, a global public interest communications firm celebrated its 30th anniversary. To mark this incredible milestone, Burness staffers, along with their friends and family, came together to raise over $30,000 for AEP during the fall of 2016.

The contribution would fund the construction of a computer lab with 25 to 30 computers for students.

The lab will open doors for Zambian youth to connect to online resources, open-source educational curriculum, news and the global community. And it will support AEP's efforts to bridge the technology gap and empower teachers with new knowledge.

The lab will be housed in a larger educational resource center that will be the only facility of its kind in Zambia and will represent an innovative asset for the youth, community and country.


Last updated on 2016.10.19