Help us spread the word about the Burness 30 for 30!

Below are some ideas for how to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Feel free to use the photos or video below for your posts.

Facebook and Instagram

  • My company, Burness, is celebrating our 30 year anniversary. This is why we are coming together to raise $30,000 for the African Education Program. The donation would fund the construction of a computer lab with 15 to 20 computers for students.

  • We may not think twice about the internet or access to computers, but for students in Zambia The Lab will allow students to connect to online resources, open-source educational curriculum, news, and the global community. And it will support AEP's efforts to bridge the technology gap and empower teachers with new knowledge. As the only facility of its kind in Zambia, it will represent an innovative asset for the youth, community, and country. Whatever money we raise, Burness will match it, 1 to 1!



  • Burness is 30 and we’re raising $30K for AEP in Zambia! Every dollar raised will be matched 1 to 1!

  • We don't think twice about connecting to the web, but for students in Zambia there’s a #techgap. Help us change this!

  • Help us celebrate Burness’ 30th anniversary by raising $30K for the African Education Program in #Zambia.