Our success is real.

After ten years, we have so many success stories to share.
Here are just a few of our students and where they are today.



Precious graduated in 2015 from the Chainama College of Health Sciences with a Diploma in Environmental Health. “I decided to do environmental health because I realized it was the best way to contribute to the health of my country and world at large…To say honestly, without AYC, I don't think I would even stand proudly today and say I am an environmental health technologist. AYC has not only impacted my life in this area, but also I have met a lot of people through AYC who have been a motivation and inspirational factor in my life aside from being a family!”



Nyamazani, COLLEGE GRADUATE & Amos Youth Centre Board

Nyamazani received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Zambia in the fall of 2014. He was one of the top ten students in his program and shortly after wearing his cap and gown, he signed a three-year contract with an insurance company working on micro-insurance. “Whenever I sit down and reflect on my achievement in education life, I am filled with great satisfaction. It’s true hard work really does pay in its due time and I am living testimony to these words. This feeling would have been nothing without the help of AEP. I will forever be indebted to this organization.“ Today, Nyamazani is now a member of the Amos Youth Centre Board of  Directors and leading the development of an Alumni Program. 


Febby, University of Zambia Student

Febby never knew in what condition she’d find her mother, whose many moods covered a full spectrum. “My mom has a mental disability. All my life I’ve seen her in different states, from hysterical laughter to violent outbursts. Growing up, I saw how my family, and even myself when I was younger, neglected her because of fear of how she would act.” Febby has been sponsored by AEP since 10th grade and now attends Zambia’s leading university. Her mother’s illness and struggles have inspired her to help others. Febby’s goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in special education and establish a school (free of charge) for children with disabilities.


John, College Graduate

John was one of AYC's first members and through an AEP and AYC scholarship obtained a diploma in Financial Accounting in 2012. “The program I did with AEP gave me the skills that I needed to start a small business. For my diploma in teaching I was able to pay for my own school fees, which is for me a huge accomplishment. AEP empowered me and I could not have succeeded without AEP.” John graduated from the Makeni College of Education with distinction and will soon he will be teaching the next generation and the cycle comes full circle. 

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Shylet, 9th Grader

Shylet is at the Amos Youth Centre almost every day after school. While at first her name rings true, once she warms up a bit, she is far from shy. She is the usual suspect for winning competitions held at the center. From Spelling Bee to the Reading Club, she often comes in first. "One Up For Girl Power is my faovorit club. This is a club where we learn how to take care of our bodies and we also talk about how we can end problems that girls go through in their lives. When I finish school I want to become a doctor because i want to reduce the death rate in my country and if possible in the whole world."