Volunteer in Zambia or at home.

It’s not often that you can feel your heart. Actually feel your heart. I felt mine over and over again.
— Roseann, 2016 Volunteer
Thank you so much for the unforgettable trip. I will certainly be back very soon.
— Maria, 2015 Volunteer
It feels weird to be back! It will certainly be an adjustment! I miss the kids already.
— Stephanie, 2015 Volunteer

Volunteer Trips to Zambia.

Since 2008, we have facilitated annual Volunteer Trips to the Amos Youth Centre. Over 40 volunteers of all ages—literally from 14 to 86—have traveled to Kafue. We have organized trips for groups as large as ten volunteers or as small as one volunteer.

Volunteers can facilitate a range of activities, from tutoring students in Math or Science, to interviewing students during our Sponsorship Program selection process, to blogging, to just spending time with the youth. We are always open to suggestions if you have a passion or skill that would benefit the students or the community!

We pride ourselves on the opportunity afforded to volunteers because of our close ties to the local community and the trust that our students and their families have in us, all of which has been built over the past ten years. You will be able to jump right into working with students who need help and integrating into the community as opposed to being an outsider.

Download the Volunteer Toolkit to learn more about our volunteer experiences. 


We could always use an extra hand. Contact ja@aeprogram.org or click on 'sign up' below if you are interested in volunteering regularly or just once in a while. We are eager for support in the following areas:

  •  Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Board Development
  • Fundraising 
  • Social Media
  • Digital Story Telling

All skills welcome